DJMS9/PLX1000 BUNDLE (DJSM9+2 x PLX1000+DJCS9 Bag for DJSM9)


Main Features

  • Full performance Pioneer DJ PLX1000/DJMS9 Bundle
  • Consists of 1x DJMS9, 2x PLX1000, 1x DJCS9
  • Unrivalled quality
  • Professional layout
  • High performance
  • DJCS9 is convenient for transporting the DJMS9

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DJMS9/PLX1000 BUNDLE (DJSM9+2 x PLX1000+DJCS9 Bag for DJSM9)


The DJM-S9 is Pioneer DJ’s first two-channel battle mixer for Serato DJ. The fully customisable Magvel Pro crossfader, tactile performance pads and FX buttons let you tailor the mixer according to your preferences. So get ready to decimate the dance floor with personalized FX and rigorous scratch performances.

The DJM-S9 inherits its high-quality audio circuitry from Pioneer DJ’s flagship 4-channel digital mixer, the DJM-2000NXS. The power inlet is designed to reduce resistance and deliver the stable sound you need in loud club environments.


The PLX-1000 is precision engineered for the booth, drawing on 50 years’ experience of making high-end turntables. The result is a familiar layout with some next generation improvements, including a high-torque direct drive system, multi-pitch control, club-grade build and sound quality, and detachable power and audio cables. It’s solidly built for excellent vibration damping and ultra-precise, high-grade audio playback.

DJC-S9 Bag for DJM-S9

This DJ mixer bag is the perfect size for the DJM-S9. Plus there’s plenty of space to safely store your cables.

The bag’s protective egg-foam and fleeced lining prevent damage from vibrations and shocks.

Product Features


  • Features a fast, accurate and customisable crossfader
  • Customisable FX buttons
  • Filter FX
  • 2 built-in USB soundcards
  • Enhanced mic input
  • MIDI controller


  • A High-torque direct drive professional turntable
  • Precision engineered for the DJ booth, drawing on 50 years’ experience of making high-end turntables
  • Designed for DJs who enjoy the look, feel, and performance of vinyl for music playback
  • Equipped with a classic layout and a rubber-lined, S-shaped tone arm that improves isolation and prevents feedback
  • Multi-tempo control
  • Interchangeable power and audio cables


  • A professional looking carry bag
  • EVA Durashock Molded Body
  • Egg-foam and fleeced lining prevent damage from vibrations and shocks
  • Provides a safe & snug fit for the DJM-S9
  • Additional compartments inside the case to safely store your cables and accessories
  • Strong handles, with shoulder strap included


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